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  • RYSE is a life-changing experience based on this simple yet profound concept; we can perceive and affect our sublime energy systems through focused awareness and EVOLVE them.
  • RYSE will open up new dimensions of awareness leading to increased clarity, system balance, vitality, health, well-being and increased manifestation abilities. 
  • You learn to perceive how your life force is lost or increased as a result of the play of energy between individuals, situations and locations.
  • You gain true self empowerment as a result of the clearing and restructuring of your own sublime energy patterns...enabling you to respond more quickly and effectively in all aspects of your life.
  • The benefits and your abilities continue to develop with disciplined use of the self alignment techniques.
  • RYSE goes far beyond energy work based on older traditional models and is based on core concepts of polarity therapy and the many years of channeled research and developed by Nancy Risley in 1989.


RYSE Training is just that - It is Training!


RYSE Training is a series of four - 4 hour workshops.

Each workshop is three hours of class time with an hour RYSE Session.

  • RYSE 1  Realizing your Sublime Energetic System, education and clearing of chakras, aura, ida and pin gala, air pattern, inner male and inner female, accessing the blueprint of your highest potential.
    • Level 1 clearing of the entire sublime energetic system.

  • RYSE 2  The relationship of your sublime energy systems to your life force, holding your power, perceiving your energy system health, clearing cellular memories, expectation release work and additional techniques for aligning with your highest potential.
    • Second level clearing and alignment of previous work.

  • RYSE 3  Clearing sub-personalities, cycles of transformation, enhancing your life force, holding your power.
    • Third level clearing of primary systems in preparation for deeper work on clearing your energy systems.  Includes clearing the energy systems of all developmental cycles and sub personalities. Focus on highest potential and fulfillment of the blueprint.

  • RYSE 4  Holding your life force, mass mind patterns, solution work, evolving your sublime energetic system, initiating the hologram.
    • Fourth level clearing on primary patterns, clearing and aligning the energy systems for fulfillment of highest potential and energy based solution work. Focus on refinement of skills in dynamic control of personal energy systems to increase your life force and personal power.

Materials include: RYSE book and 5 personal clearing CD's

RYSE Training requires a personal commitment to attend all four workshops for maximum benefit.  It is a profound and life changing commitment to yourself; as well as a commitment to living your best life....a RYSE'd life!

A certificate of completion will be awarded after all four workshops have been completed.

Additional RYSE one on one clearing sessions will be offered by Jess at a discount for workshop attendees during the program.